I'm Jenna Grey, thank you so much for visiting!

I am a local Canadian Wedding photographer who has lived in Canmore Alberta Canada for over a decade, serving Banff, Lake Louise, Calgary & Emerald Lake, Canada. Being a photographer and living in The Canadian Rockies is a true blessing and my home - I love the mountains and have explored every inch by hiking, skiing or helicopter. I specialize in capturing imagery in natural environments for Weddings, Elopements and Engagements. I also love destination weddings and travel worldwide to work with clients.

I love to create work for my clients that showcases who they are together in natural landscapes. Every client connection we create is different and the art we make together reflects your love and how I see you both.

I have been told over and over by the people that I work with, that I am have a tendency to create a calm and serene environment when I work with my couples and that my kindness shines through when we shoot. I leave space for you two to connect and enjoy being in the beautiful landscapes and to really show each other how much you love each other while I capture it. I have been told by my many clients that I am directive and helpful, thoughtful and make everyone feel at ease - whether it be at your busy fast-paced wedding day or a helicopter elopements shoot on the top of the world, I am there for you!

I'll tell you a bit about me and what brought me here taking photographs of people in nature on their wedding day and why I love this creative work so much. I credit falling in love with taking pictures of people in natural environments, to my partner Gabriel. Going along to a wedding with him showed me the beauty of capturing connection in nature, being able to experience our sense of adventure and love as one. We have four children and our family is the love of my life!

My creative story - I started my life of creative work in the electronic music industry producing and pressing vinyl with various Dj's, as a vocalist/songwriter and record label rep for over ten years. Music is very close to my heart. Moving into more a more visual expression of my art in my mid-twenties, I became a stylist in my home city of Toronto Canada and moved here to Alberta with an amazing luxury fashion company and after doing that work for many years, I felt inspired to create something different independently. That is when I picked up a camera 4 years ago and started to chase light and landscape with couples in love, in the Canadian Rockies. I was the director of a Helicopter company and we shot a lot in the back country a tonne and I always took pictures while outside in the mountains and on the side, in my spare time. I traveled Alberta and British Columbia Canada creating new projects and creating new experiences for our adventurous clients and company.

Shooting outside with my camera, is truly where I am happiest and feel most like myself and I hope to hear from you - say hello! I can't wait to hear your love story and to create something amazing together. I am a hopeless romantic and I want to capture the magic of your love in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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